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McHardys Tube Bodies
McHardys Tube Bodies
Our own range of tube fly bodiesmade from best quality German tubing, supplied with appropriate liner.
Ready cut tubes, tie tube and line afterwards - much simpler to grip in vice, heat melt tail end first near candle flame.

Alongside the Conehead details we advise the correct size tubing to use.
Tie tube on fine tubing, leave a little untied at tail end to allow fitting of small extension piece to hold hook in line with tube. Slip on Conehead when fly is completed, leave 2mm protruding from Conehead, place near candle flame to burr over end, thus not allowing the cone to slip off, to further secure a touch of Angling glue can be applied.
Conehead tubes can also be tied on wider diameter tubing. Tie the tube as usual and when completed insert the liner tube as illustrated, place on the conehead, butt it up to the fly head leaving about 2mm to allow for burring over as above. Heat the tail end in the same way to hold the insert inside the main tube and push on a small piece of extension tubing to hold the hook in alignment with finished tube.Various colours of the Scandinavian tubing can be obtained which are constructed in a similar way. (The Scandinavian Tungsten cones and also the new wide bore Coneheads both have a 2mm diameter hole so can be used with the Scandinavian tubing or our 2mm Hard Nylon tubing).

Hold tubing by means of a tube fly adaptor or use a suitably sized single hook with the eye cut off. Put a touch of oil on the needle first so that the tube can easily be pulled off if the tying thread compresses the tube on needle.

The most popular beads with our customers are Gold Heads, Cone Heads and Tungsten Beads.
Below are some other beads which you may find useful.
New ones this time being the Tungsten Hour Glass eyes and the 24mm Booby Tube lengths.
LOON Up and Down Kit
LOON Up and Down Kit
Twin pack of essential fly floatant and fly / leader sinkant
4" ceramic bobbin holder
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